Screen printing is one of the oldest methods of printing around. At JSA Print we do all our screen printing in house on our automatic press. We have the capacity to print 1000's of shirts per day.


  • Quick turn around times, even on large orders.

  • The more you order the cheaper it gets.

  • Extremely durable.

  • Can get lots of detail.

  • Works well on lots of garment types.


  • Not cost effect on small jobs.

How it works.

The reason screen printing is not cost effective on small jobs is due to the amount of time spent prepping the artwork and settings up the press.

  • Artwork Preparation. Sadly we cannot just put the garment on the press and hit the print button. We first need to separate the customers artwork into each colour.

  • Screen Preparation. Once we have our artwork split into it's colours, we then create one screen per colour.

  • Getting it on press. Now we are nearly ready to print, we just need to align each colour to the press so once the colours are printed they are exactly where they need to be.

  • Print time! Once the screen's are set and the colour's have been mixed and put onto the correct screen we can now start to print. Once each colour has been printed, the t shirt is sent down a conveyor dryer to cure the ink.